HACCP : Why its Important in food industry ,know the details


There are three main function or system comes under food safety management system. The first one is HACCP, second one is TACCP and third one is VACCP. Let’s know about these three main system in the table bellow.

Hazard ThreatsVulnerabilities
Prevention of unintentional
Accidental Adulteration
Food born Illness Kind of Food safety management
 Prevention of Intentional 
 Behaviourally or Ideologically
 Prevention of Intentional
 Economically motivated.

I think you know little bit about food safety. Now I am going to tell you All about HACCP, it’s principle as well as It’s need and importance in food industry.

What is HACCP ?                               

 The full form of HACCP is Hazard Analysis Critical control Point. HACCP is the internationally recognized food safety system. In this system food safety addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazard from raw material production, procurement, as well as manufacturing distribution and end of the last consumption. Means this system is responsible for all about what I just mention.

History of HACCP                               

This system specially work for NASA in 1959 and developed by Pillsbury company . Those day’s NASA trying to manage food for it’s crew in space. In 1971 First time it was presented for public although there was many renewal occur as per condition of environment and bio research.

Principles of HACCP                      

To know the important of HACCP, you should know about it’s principle. The HACCP having 7 Principle let’s see one by one with beautiful example:-

Conduct A Hazard Analysis: In this first principle HACCP cover the Food Handling, Food Storage and Refrigeration temperature.

2-Identify Critical Control points:-In second principle HACCP Cover the Raw and cooked food temperature, Hold temperature as well as cross contamination

3- Set Critical limit for each Critical Control point :-In this principle it’s cover cool down period and thaw procedure.

4- Establishment Critical Control point monitoring Requirement :-Using this principle HACCP cover line checks rotation schedules, preparation areas as well as Hand washing.

5-Establishment corrective Action :-In this principle HACCP check product date and label as well as re work temperature check , equipment check for any rashes .

6- Develop procedure to ensure Your HACCP program is working as intended :-In this principle it cover the good health of worker, check dept scores as well as sick or illness specially skin disease and respiratory disease.

7- Establish Record keeping procedure:-Here it’s keep record of temp log , receiving log , waste sheet etc

Importance & Need of HACCP

Now we knew the main aspect that is how it’s work. So let’s go towards it’s importance.

Food born illness

According to CDC more than 48 million American sick each other from eating contaminated food. Such as mild illness like stomach ache nausea increasing case like server gastritis distress fever and few of them are life threading. As we see the principle it look upon the aspect of cross contamination as well as chemical and physical analysis. That’s help to keep you away from food illness.

Correct temperature of food Holding

If you keep your diary product or meat product out of it’s temperature it will goanna bad and if you use that bad product in future you must fell sick. As According to HACCP it’s maintain the temperature for each and every product so that you can get genuine product .

Cooking in Right temperature

Let me tell you one of the biggest misconception is that all food bacteria is destroyed by heat. It’s not like that. Do you heard about E.coli it’s create a anti heat toxin ( heat stable toxin). These can’t destroy in normal heat temperature. So HACCP ensure that the Restaurants and hotel are providing good cooking food.

Personnel hygiene Rule

As above we read a principle that help hear. If a person suffering from any disease specially skin and respiratory like corona then it’s very harmful and that person can spread to you. So HACCP tack control on personnel hygiene along with normal routine like dress well, wear head gear and gloves wash hand regularly, wear clean cloth etc.

Contaminated utensils and Equipment

It’s works mostly in slaughter house. Think if the machine in slaughter house getting rust it’s really scary. may be there will be a hidden virus called tetanus or form up many bacteria. We just eat and forget about it’s hygiene because of that misconception that I told you above. So this system ensure this problem as well as eliminate too.


So these are 5 more important place where we need such type of system that tack care us.                                                                                               

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