High Risk Pregnancy


Women who have chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, who become pregnant may be considered to have high risk pregnancies . Even if the condition is controlled other factors , such as infections, injuries and disorder of pregnancy can also put a pregnancy at high risk.

Women whose pregnancies are considered high risk may need specialized care or treatment to have healthy pregnancies and deliveries. The specific type of care needed will depend on the specific risk factors, as well as the overall health of the mother and unborn baby.Just because a pregnancy is considered high risk does not mean that a problem will occur.  

Causes Of High Risk Pregnancy 

The main cause of high risk pregnancy consists of specific health issues including pregnancy related conditions.


Fluctuating blood sugar levels can be detrimental to an infant . Within the first few weeks of pregnancy. So it is  important to maintain a balanced sugar level while she is trying to get pregnant and throughout the early stage of pregnancy.


If she is overweight, she has a higher risk of diabetes. High blood pressure, Chronic inflammation and chronic diseases.So  its advice to maintain  a healthy weight before her pregnancy. 

High blood Pressure

High blood pressure during pregnancy means a higher risk of kidney problems in the mother, as well as the risk of low birth weight and premature baby.

Gestational Diabetes 

If any woman has gestational diabetes , she needs to alter her pregnancy diet to keep  it under control, or else she may face a higher risk of preterm birth , gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.

Multiple Birth

If she is carrying twins, triplets  or other multiples, the strain on the body will be far higher, and the danger of birth is also greater. Extensive planning and prenatal  checkups are more important with multiple gestations .


If she begins to suffer from high blood pressure and protein in her urine ,it indicates preeclampsia. Which could require an emergency delivery if it is late enough in pregnancy. 

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases  respond in unpredictable ways to pregnancy, but a weakened immune system and the effects of certain diseases can increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight .


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